About Us

About Us

We first opened our doors in September 2000. Our meals, freshly baked pastries and sandwiches are made with totally vegetarian products. We only use rennet free cheese and do not use eggs or gelatin.

You can find us on the UWI Campus, St. Augustine behind the JFK Food Court.

Whilst we do have seating for approximately seven persons at any one time, we are noted for our ‘grab and go’ meals and pastries.

To facilitate our ‘grab and go’ service we take online orders through our Facebook page and Whatsapp.

Our mission statement is that we will forever strive to be an oasis on campus despite all odds. At Veg Out we do not have customers, we have friends and family. Only the best of UWI comes through our doors, never leaving without sharing a story or a kind word with us or even engaging us in heated debates. 

Being a small business, we try our best to support our other fellow small business entrepreneurs.

Veg Out is a subsidiary of Good Karma Snacks Ltd.